Arizer Solo Vaporizer

Arizer Solo Vaporizer

Thinking of buying a vaporizer? The top-quality Arizer Solo is a sturdy, rechargeable and portable pocket vape. You can vape herbs, oil, resin and incense with this device. The Arizer Solo is very easy to use and to clean. The big advantage of this vaporizer is its 7 different temperature settings. Available in different colors!

Arizer Solo Vaporizer


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Arizer Solo Vaporizer


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High-quality portable vape

The Arizer Solo is Arizer’s first rechargeable and portable vaporizer and has all the quality we expect from this brand. The Arizer Solo is a conduction vape made from high-quality aluminium. It is 11.5 cm in size, relatively heavy and fits firmly in your hand. In contrast to the glass mouthpieces, the buttons and lights are very robust. Thinking of buying a readily portable vaporizer? The Arizer Solo!

Herbs, oil and more

The Arizer Solo is equipped with a high quality ceramic heater. Therefore the Solo is perfect to also evaporate other herbs. The Arizer Solo can also be used with essential oils, aromatic herbs, resins and incense. When vaping with the Arizer Solo we recommend you inhale in a relaxed way. Vaping too eagerly will result in less vapor. Relaxed vaping will deliver more vapor and a better taste.

Contents of the Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer:

  • 1x Solo unit (11.5 cm)
  • 1x Solo charger
  • 2x Glass mouthpiece (1x straight Glass inhaler tube and 1x Curved Glass inhaler tube)
  • 1x Glass cup for potpourri or aromatherapy
  • Manual (English)
  • Potpourri sample

How does the Arizer Solo work?

The Arizer Solo is charged with the included adapter, a charged Arizer vaporizer has enough power to be used for 6 hours. Charging takes about 4 hours. The battery for this vaporizer cannot be replaced easily.

You can turn on the Solo by pressing the two buttons on the front at the same time. Both buttons then flash once and the Solo starts to heat up. After switching on it takes 3 minutes to reach the highest temperature.

In contrast to many other vaporizers, you fill the Arizer Solo by stuffing the herbs in an external component. Namely the glass attachment. You can fill this at the bottom with herbs. Then fix the attachment / mouthpiece to the heated vape and enjoy the full taste of the Arizer Solo. The big advantage of this attachment is that it is the only part of the vaporizer which needs cleaning. Please note: when reattaching it may sometimes feel like it doesn’t fit but it does. So press the mouthpiece onto the vaporizer with care but with sufficient force.

The Arizer Solo can be set at 7 temperatures

  • Level 1 - 50 degrees
  • Level 2 - 185 degrees
  • Level 3 - 190 degrees
  • Level 4 - 195 degrees
  • Level 5 - 200 degrees
  • Level 6 - 205 degrees
  • Level 7 - 210 degrees

The Arizer Solo is equipped with some LED lights that indicate the position of the Arizer. The Arizer Solo can be used normally during charging. An additional charger is available for using and charging.


Arizer vaporizers are praised worldwide for their superior taste and soft, cool vapor. The high-quality material used by this Canadian vaporizer producer ensures Arizer only builds the absolute top in vapeland.

After the success of the Arizer V-Tower and the portable Arizer Air, different models were added to the product range. Arizer keeps developing its products to meet the growing demand for high-quality vaporizers.

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